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Online Banking

Manage your finances 24/7/365

With WyHy's FREE Online Banking, you can manage your money from any personal computer with Internet access. Obtain up-to-the-minute information, make transfers between accounts, make loan payments, apply for a loan, reorder checks, download history for Quicken and much, much more. Our system utilizes GeoTrust®, which is the industry leader in data encryption. Contact us to establish your access number, or complete a PIN Application form.

Here's some more information about Online Banking:

  • You log into Online Banking from our homepage
  • To change your password for Online Banking you must first login, go to Other Options, and then Change Password
  • Contact us If you do not know your password
    • If you have forgotten your password, try to use the ‘forgot password’ link on the second screen of your sign on to online banking; if you are still unable to access online banking, please contact us.”
  • If you've been locked out of Online Banking you must contact us.
    • For your security we will lock out anyone who is unsuccessful in multiple attempts to log into your account. We want to verify that it is you who is trying to access the account and will ask personal information to reset the account login information.

Mobile Banking

If you have an Online Banking account, then you can use the same credentials to also have a Mobile Banking account. Simply download our free Mobile Banking app to access your account on your Smartphone or web-enabled device. You do not have to have an Online Banking account to have a Mobile Banking account.

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Browser Compatibility

Please note that the Online Banking website is not compatible with all browsers. Please see the table below for your browser. We continue to research solutions and apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Browser Version Compatibility
Internet Explorer 11 and above If your computer is a Windows PC, one of these is likely already on your computer
MS Edge All versions Included with Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Server 2016 and Xbox One
Firefox All versions Firefox is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Download Firefox Here.
Safari 7 and above Apple/Mac Users only
Possible Problems
Google Chrome Version 42 and above Some Problems with these browsers have been reported. If you experience any problems where you cannot use it, please let us know.
Opera All Versions