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VISA EMV Debit Cards

You can feel safe and secure when using your WyHy Debit Card for quick access to your money.

EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard, VISA, and it represents microchip technology in your card that increases security. The microchip in the card provides dynamic and secure data to the merchant’s terminal at the time of use. However, neither your card number nor PIN are ever stored in the merchant’s terminal. So when it comes to protecting your money, and identity — We're with you.

  • Choose from 3 card designs
  • Get your VISA EMV Chip-Enabled Debit Card from any branch
  • Select your own PIN and have instant access to your checking account
  • If you use WyHy's Mobile Banking, you can:
    • Schedule travel alerts on your Debit Card
    • Turn your Debit Card off in the event that it's lost, stolen or simply not in use
  • VISA Debit Cards are accepted anywhere VISA is accepted, and at Shared Branching and Co-Op Network ATMs nationwide — and surcharge free!

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VISA Purchase Alerts

In just 3 easy steps, you can register your VISA Debit or Credit Card to receive a text or email whenever you pay with your VISA card! Simply click here to get started!

Verified by VISA

Important Phone Numbers
Activate your WyHy VISA Debit Card 1-800-466-0040
Report a Lost or Stolen VISA 307-638-4200 or 800-442-2392