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Tax Info

Tax season is upon us!

Gearing up to tackle your taxes? April 18 is the federal tax deadline for individuals and small businesses in 2023.

Below are some of our frequently asked questions--have a question that's not listed? Call us at 1.800.442.2392. We'll not only get your question answered, but look into adding it to this list, too!

Q: Who gets tax statements?

A: Any member who receives $10 or more in dividends a year will receive one.

Q: When do tax statements come out?

A: Digital statements were processed a week ago, and are currently available through the WyHy Digital app. Hard copy statements will be mailed directly to members by February 1.

Q: Where can I find my tax statement in WyHy Digital?

A: Tax statements can be found under the eStatement widget. Click Statements, then View eStatements, and there will be a large button called Tax Statements. 

See the below images for reference.

Q: Will year end dividend information still be available if I didn't qualify for a tax statement?

A: Yes. The December statement will include the dividends earned plus loan interest paid at the top of the statement.

Q: Does WyHy FCU offer any help with TurboTax or filing?

A: No. We are not accountants and cannot instruct you on how to file your taxes. However, we can offer a discount on TurboTax products. Head here for discounts up to $15.

If you need any additional information, please contact the WyHy Call Center at 1.800.442.2392.

Happy tax filing!
-Your friends at WyHy FCU