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WyHy Digital: Online & Mobile Banking

24/7 Digital Banking Tailored To Your Needs

Troubleshooting Answers
to Common Digital App Questions

Additional FAQs are listed at the bottom of the page. Updated 9/10/2020.

An Error 500 message means that the new WyHy Digital app has not been installed yet. To begin the installation process:

  • Tap and hold the current app icon on your phone and click "Uninstall."
  • Once completed, head to either the Google Play or App Store on your device. Search for "WyHy Federal Credit Union."
  • When the app displays in the list of options, click it and select Install.
  • Once completed, log back in with the exact same username and password. The Error 500 message should no longer pop up!

WyHy Digital features a more secure online banking experience, and because of it, there are specific requirements for all usernames and passwords. If a username is already taken, the app will not allow members to move forward without creating a different one. Alternatively, if a password is not deemed secure enough (doesn't fall within the specific security requirements) the app will display a WEAK status. As soon as the password is changed to something stronger, the status will update and a save button will appear.

Maybe not. WyHy is working with the app developer to understand why some transactions are showing up with incorrect descriptions. If there is an unfamiliar transaction appearing, click or tap on the transaction line and double-check the transaction description in the summary. The name of the authorized vendor will be displayed here. If a transaction description shows a vendor that is still not authorized, call our Member Services team at 307-638-4200 to file a dispute.

On the Enter Code screen, a prompt will say a 6-digit code has been sent to the mobile number on file. Directly below that is a blank space (it should be right above the wording "Enter Code"). Click or tap this space to enter the numbers.

Yes! On the login screen, there will be a tiny option to Remember This Device." It's easy to overlook because there is no check box included! Click or tap this option so the device verification does not happen each time a login is made.

From the mobile app, members are able to rename, change the tab color, and hide accounts. To reorder accounts, members must log in to the online portal from WyHy.org. From there, click the member name, select "Settings," and then "Accounts." Any category with more than one account can be reordered to the member's preference. Account names can also be changed from this screen by clicking the pencil icon on the right.

WyHy Digital gives members the power to:

  • Manage all finances in one place, including accounts held at other banks or credit unions
  • Check quarterly FICO scores for free
  • Manage credit and debit cards with new controls
  • View and manage non-WyHy accounts
  • Enroll in customized reminders and alerts
  • Deposit checks from a mobile device
  • Check eStatements
  • Complete digital transfers
  • Skip-A-Pay
  • Create a budget and savings goals
  • QuickApply for Loans and Add Shares
  • Check the status of a Rewards Checking qualifications
  • Customize the dashboard
  • …and more!

Screenshots of Dashboard on desktop and mobile devicesGetting started on mobile
First, download our WyHy Mobile application to your phone.

  • Download application for Windows Mobile and other mobile devices with data plan
  • Download App for your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android

Download on the App Store - Mobile Banking App Download on Google Play - Mobile Banking App

You can also access WyHy Mobile from the mobile web browser on your web-enabled phone or Smartphone, simply click here! Once you've downloaded and opened the WyHy Mobile app you can simply click on "Enroll Here" and follow the final steps. Then you're all set!

Mobile Web Requirements

You must have a valid mobile phone number. Additionally, you must have the ability to browse the World Wide Web on your mobile device. Please keep in mind data charges from your service provider DO apply (unless you have an unlimited data plan). No special phones are required as an internet-enabled mobile phone will be compatible.

To minimize WyHy Mobile risks, please review these safety tips:

  • Lock phones with a lock code if available
  • Turn off Bluetooth capability when not in use. (Hackers can view/download the content of your phone via the Bluetooth connection, without your knowing it.)
  • Purge text messages regularly
  • Delete cached data from mobile browsers
  • Do not allow mobile browsers to store online banking credentials
  • Do not disclose personal information via text messaging
  • Do not leave the phone unattended
  • Visit trusted sites only and don't click on suspicious email messages and embedded links, just as on a computer
  • Contact WyHy immediately if the phone is stolen
  • Do not "jailbreak," "root," or otherwise modify the phone

How-To Tutorials

No. Members will need to download a new app in Google Play or the App Store. Search for WyHy FCU. When you see the below app icon, you’ll know it’s the correct version:

wyhy app logo

Members can still access the old app for a short period of time after WyHy Digital launches. However, to retrieve the most up-to-date information regarding member finances, members will need to download WyHy Digital.

From your desktop: Head to WyHy.org and type your username into the Online Banking box near the center of the screen. This will log you in to the new WyHy Digital portal.

From your mobile device: Ensure you have downloaded the new app from Google Play or the App Store. Click on the app and type in your username and password for access.

Your username and password will be the same username and password you used to login into the previous app. Aren’t sure what those are? Click on the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” links. The app will walk you through how to retrieve or reset instantly.

If this is your first time signing up for mobile banking at WyHy, open the app and click the “Register” link. You will be prompted to enter your account number, social security number, and birthdate. Once those are added, the app will walk you through various settings and disclosures to get you access to your finances within minutes.

Click on the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” links. The app will walk you through how to retrieve or reset instantly. For your username, you will need to have your account number, the account holder’s social security number and birthdate handy. You’ll need the account holder’s social security number, username, and zip code to retrieve your password.

While there’s technically multiple ways to access WyHy Digital, the most functional is to go to the app store on the tablet and download the new app. Search for WyHy Federal Credit Union to find the most recent app.

iPhone Users

The old app will automatically update to the new one during the iPhone’s app update timeframe if the settings are selected for this within the individual member’s phone settings.

To change this setting to auto update:

  1. Click SETTINGS, then select ITUNES & APP STORE.
  2. Under Automatic Downloads, click the option for APP UPDATES.
  3. Under Cellular Data, click the option for AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS.

To get the WyHy app immediately:

  1. Delete the old app by pressing and holding the old app icon on your iPhone device, then clicking Delete App.
  2. Open the App Store and search for WyHy Federal Credit Union (ensure the app offers an “Install” option, and features the updated app icon).
  3. Select Install.

Your username and password should remain the same as the ones used for the previous app. If you forgot your username or password, please review the tutorials to reset your password or have your username emailed to you at WyHy.org/Digital.

Android Users

The previous WyHy banking app will need to be uninstalled prior to downloading the new app.

To uninstall the previous WyHy app:

  1. Press and hold the old app icon on your Android device, then click Uninstall.
  2. Once the app has been removed from your device, open the Google Play Store and search for WyHy Federal Credit Union.
  3. Ensure the app features the updated app icon, then click on the WyHy Mobile Banking app.
  4. Click install.

The new WyHy Digital: Online & Mobile Banking app works best when all operating systems have been fully updated. It’s possible that this is an easy fix to ensure all your apps are running their best!

To check whether your operating system needs to be updated:


  1. On your mobile device, go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update.
  2. If there is a pending update, you’ll see a red circle with a number in it (corresponding to the number of updates available for your device). Tap Download and Install.
    1. If a message asks to temporarily remove apps because the software needs more space for the update, tap Continue or Cancel. Later, iOS or iPadOS will reinstall apps that it removed.
  3. To update now, tap Install (you may also choose Install Tonight or Remind me Later. If you tap Install Tonight, ensure that your device is plugged into a power source before you sleep. Your device will update automatically overnight).
  4. If prompted, enter your unique iOS passcode.


  1. Ensure you are connected to WiFi. Once you are correct, click Settings, then About Phone.
  2. Select Check for Updates (if an update is available, an Update button will appear. Tap it.).
  3. Click Install. (Depending on the operating system, you could see Install Now, Reboot and Install, or Install System Software. Tap whichever pops up. Your phone will reboot itself to complete the installation).

If you set up bills through Pay-A-Person previously, those bills will still be active and accessible through WyHy Digital under the “Bill Pay” section.

SmartPoints are part of our rewards system to you! We’ve now made it easier for you to view your rewards directly through the WyHy Digital app. Click here to learn more about SmartPoints, how you can earn them, and, more importantly, how you can spend them!

  1. Login into WyHy Digital via your desktop or mobile app.
  2. Find the Smart Points section.
    screenshot of smart points section
  3. Click on the Smart Points account.
  4. Click on Account Details. This will show your Smart Points count. Please note: your balance will show as $0.00, but your Account Details screen will show the accurate number of points available to you.
    screenshot of smart points account details
  5. If you wanted to jump straight to the Smart Points account on your mobile app, click the quick link to Smart Points on the menu bar.
    screenshot of smart points quick links

If you have your accounts connect to Mint, no steps are necessary to connect it to WyHy Digital (it may take up to 5 business days for data to repopulate). However, members will need to disconnect and reconnect their accounts to Quicken and QuickBooks. Check WyHy’s list of digital tutorials on Tuesday, August 25 for a step-by-step guide to help you with Quicken and QuickBooks.

Our Call Center staff is happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding WyHy Digital. Call 1-800-442-2392. Our service hours are Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00PM MDT, Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00PM MDT, and Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM MDT.

Please note that WyHy Online is not compatible with all browsers. Please see the table below for your browser. We continue to research solutions and apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Browsers Supported
Browser Version Compatibility
Internet Explorer 11 and above If your computer is a Windows PC, one of these is likely already on your computer
MS Edge All versions Included with Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Server 2016 and Xbox One
Firefox All versions Firefox is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Download Firefox Here.
Safari 7 and above Apple/Mac Users only
Browsers with Possible Problems
Browser Version Compatibility
Google Chrome Version 42 and above Some problems with this browser have been reported. If you experience any problems where you cannot use it, please let us know.
Opera All Versions Some problems with this browser have been reported. If you experience any problems where you cannot use it, please let us know.