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Protection Services

Ensuring you, your family and your money are taken care of.

Collateral Protection and Insurance (CPI)

CPI is a quick and easy way to provide insurance information any time — day or night. Have you received an insurance request letter from us? Click here to submit your insurance information online.

SmartPayment Protection

You've worked hard to ensure your financial security. But what would happen to you or the people you care about if there were an accident or if you lost your job? SmartPayment Protection can ease the emotional strain of such a loss by relieving some of the financial stress from your loved ones.

SmartPayment Protection Information

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) 

In the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss due to an accident or theft, your auto insurance policy typically covers only the actual cash value of the vehicle. GAP Advantage pays the difference between your primary insurance settlement and the outstanding balance on your loan.

The amount of the coverage can be financed with your loan and for just a few dollars per month, offering you protection from financial loss and peace of mind with GAP Advantage.

Visit WyHy GAP Protection for more information and to obtain a no-obligation quote on this valuable coverage.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP)

WyHy offers Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) which extends coverage for mechanical or electrical repairs beyond the existing manufacturer's warranty. MBP helps ensure that the investment in your vehicle is protected, and reduces the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses when your vehicle suffers an unexpected mechanical failure.

Additional Electronics Package Protection is also available. This provides coverage for:

  • GPS/Navigation systems
  • LCD Screens
  • DVD Players
  • Satellite Radios, MP3 Enabled Radios, Stereos
  • Back-up-Reverse Sensors
  • Rearview Back-up Camera

Coverage is available on new and used vehicles up to nine years old or 90,000 miles.

Visit WyHy MBP Protection for more information and to obtain a no-obligation quote on this valuable coverage.

Depreciation Protection (DPW) 

Depreciation Protection (DPW) protects your vehicle equity and hedges against depreciation over the life of the loan. In the event of a total loss, DPW provides a waiver benefit equal to the difference between the vehicle value at the time of purchase, less the loan balance at the time of loss up to a maximum waiver benefit of $10,000, or the outstanding loan balance.

Benefits of Protection:


  • Protection for collision
  • Life-of-loan Protection
  • No mileage or year restrictions
  • Protection for theft and fire
  • 100% open enrollment
  • Protection for vehicle depreciation



  • Put money down
  • Finance 90% LTV or less
  • Trade in a vehicle
  • Make accelerated loan payments
  • Need to protect equity

Visit WyHy DPW Protection for more information and to obtain a no-obligation quote on this valuable coverage.


*Maximum Waiver Benefit can vary depending on level of protection selected and/or offered. Please reference the waiver addendum for specifics regarding maximum waiver amounts. *$10,000 Waiver Benefit applies here because waiver amount will not exceed the lesser of the maximum amount listed in the waiver addendum or outstanding loan balance at total loss. Loan Amortization Used in Example: 2.99% APR, 72-month