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Promoting Community Well-Being and Combating Food Insecurity

At WyHy, we're all about looking out for our community, and we're thrilled to share some exciting news with you. We've just made a significant donating of $35,000 to the Food Bank of Wyoming. This meaningful donation, made possible through our active participation in the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) matching grant program, underscores our dedication to addressing pressing social issues and uplifting those around us. This donation is going to make a real difference, helping the Food Bank provide nutritious meals to families and individuals who are dealing with food insecurity all over the state.

Rachel Bailey, the Executive Director of the Food Bank of Wyoming, summed it up perfectly: "Thanks to WyHy's donation, the Food Bank of Wyoming can get enough food for over 100,000 meals to our fellow Wyomingites who really need it. And let me tell you, this support is coming at just the right time. Over the past year, we've seen a bigger need for food in our state. Many good folks in Wyoming have had to make some tough choices between buying food and other essentials. But with partners like WyHy, we're making sure that everyone who needs it can get good, healthy food."

Aligned with our core values, this contribution showcases WyHy's dedication to community well-being and nourishment. The impact of our $35,000 gift is deeply personal; it directly touches the lives of individuals and families, offering them a lifeline of essential food resources during challenging times.

WyHy's Chief Retail Officer, Matt Ballou, put it like this: "We're proud to stand behind the Food Bank of Wyoming and their mission to fight hunger right here in our community. At WyHy, we believe that everybody deserves good food, and we're committed to making a positive difference in our neighbors' lives. This donation is all about our core values and our dedication to helping out."

This partnership between WyHy and the Food Bank of Wyoming is just one of the ways we're rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in the community. Through working together on projects and programs that focus on our neighbors, WyHy is making a real impact and bringing some positivity into people's lives.

If you're curious to learn more about what we're up to at WyHy and how we're making our community even better, keep following WyHy News. And to get the full scoop on the Food Bank of Wyoming and the awesome work they're doing, head over to wyomingfoodbank.org.

In a world full of challenges, this donation from WyHy Federal Credit Union shows the power of caring and working together. Let's make sure nobody has to make tough choices between essentials, and let's keep spreading positivity and change for the better.