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Schedule of Fees & Charges

Effective September, 22, 2021
Share Par Value $5.00

General Services
Service Fees SmartPoints
Membership Initiation Fee per account  $5.00  
Paper Statement Fee per mo. (E-statements, Primary < 18 or >55 are free) $2.50  
Close Account (Within 90 Days of Opening) $25.00  
Account Reconciliation and Research per hour $25.00  
Copy of History/Statements per page $5.00  
Overdraft Protection Fee per item^^^ $30.00 600
ACH Origination Return per item $30.00 600
ACH Stop Payment/Revoke per ACH $30.00 600
Deposit Item Return Fee (3rd party checks) per check $15.00 300
Deposit Item Return Fee (Self-to-self from another FI) per check $50.00  
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Return Fee per item $30.00 600
Collection Item per item $15.00  
International Collection Item Varies  
International Cash Letter $25.00  
International Draft Varies  
CU Check Payable to a Third Party per check $5.00 100
CU Check Stop Payment, Renewal or Release per check $30.00  
CU Check Copy per check $10.00  
CU Check Replacement Fee $25.00  
Wire Transfer - Domestic - Incoming $5.00  
Wire Transfer - Domestic - Outgoing $30.00  
Wire Transfer - Foreign - Incoming $5.00  
Wire Transfer - Foreign - Outgoing $55.00  
Western Union Outgoing $25.00  
Dormant Account Fee (No activity in the membership for 12 months) $25.00  
Inactive Share Savings Account Fee (No activity for 12 months) $25.00  
Document/Statement Fax Service per page $5.00  
Overnight Letter Mail Service per letter $40.00  
Return Mail (Missing/Incorrect Address) per month $25.00  
Notary Service for members only Free  
Coin counting machine for non-members (Free for members) 10%/ total amount  
Check cashing fee for non-active members (No activity for 90 days) $15.00  
Check Casing fee for non-members (only for WyHy checks) Varies  
Ganishments or Levies $75.00  
Checking Services
Service Fees SmartPoints
Overdraft Protection Fee per item^^^ $30.00 600
Copy of Paid Check per check $5.00  
Temporary Checks per page $2.00  
Check Printing Varies  
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Return Fee per item $30.00  
Stop Payment on Checks Online per check $15.00  
Stop Payment Checks in Person/Contact Center per check $30.00  
DBA Organizational Checking Balance below $500 $10.00  
Second Chance Checking with Direct Deposit $10.00  
Second Chance Checking without Direct Deposit $25.00  
Bill Payment Free  
Money Market Share Account
Service Fees
Money Market Balance Less Than $2,500 $10.00
Max Money Market Balance Less Than $100,000 $25.00
IRA Account
Service Fees
IRA Transfer Fee $50.00
Debit Services
Service Fees
ATM Withdrawal within CO-OP Network ATMs Free
ATM Withdrawal - Non CO-OP Network ATMs $2.00
ATM Inquiry - Non CO-OP Network ATMs $2.00
ATM Transfer - Non CO-OP Network ATMs $2.00
Card Overdraft Protection Fee per item^^^ $30.00
Inactive Debit (no activity for 90 days) $10.00
Card Replacement (First time free) per request $15.00
Card Rush Order per request $45.00
PIN Replacement per request $10.00
Copy of Point of Sale Debit/ATM Transaction per item $20.00
ATM Deposit Error/Empty Envelope $50.00
Term Certificate Accounts 1
Service Fees
Early Withdrawal Fee for <= 12-Month Term 90 days of interest
Early Withdrwal Fee for <= 36-Month Term 180 days of interest
Early Withdrawal Fee for >36-Month Term 365 days of interest
VISA Credit Card Fees 
Service Fees
Late Payment Fee per statement cycle $28.00
Returned Payment Fee per item $25.00
Card Replacement per request $10.00
Card Rush Order Fee per request $45.00
Statement Per Copy each statement $5.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of transaction
Cash Advance Fee ($10 minimum) 2% of transaction
Loan Fees
Service Fees
Loan Change in Terms $50.00
Existing WyHy Loan Refinance $50.00
Pay-by-phone with Credit Cards $15.00
Skip-a-payment Online^^ $25.00
Skip-a-payment in Person or Contact Center^^ $50.00
Loan Processing $50.00
Loan Late Fees ($25 minimum) 5% of Payment
Streamline Mortgage Fee $499.00
Mortgage Subordination Fee $100.00
Mortgage Payoff Demand Fee $50.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (Cheyenne Only)
Service Fees SmartPoints
Size 3x10x21 per year $45.00 900
Size 5x10x21 per year $55.00 1,100
Size 10x10x21 per year $75.00 1,500
Key Replacement per key $15.00 300
Drill Box Fee per incident Varies  

^^ 20% goes to Wyoming Charities at the end of the year.

^^^ Overdraft Protection Program is a discretionary item payment program where WyHy pays for a withdrawal transaction taking your qualified checking account to a negative status. Members must qualify for the Overdraft Tolerance requirements to allow the Overdraft Protection Program to be effective for their checking accounts. Full disclosure is available upon request. Please inquire within.

1 Certificates opened prior to 09/01/2013: Early withdrawal fee of 90 days of interest or dividend earned, whichever is less, for up to and including 12-month term and 180 days of interest or interest earned, whichever is less, for terms more than 12 months. Certificates opened after 09/01/2013: Above stated early withdrawal fee applies regardless of interest earned.