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VISA Credit Cards

Consolidate your credit card debt to just one card & save!

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We're giving you another reason to smile this year!

Consolidate all that credit card debt to just one card when you transfer those balances to a WyHy VISA Credit Card.

Our VISA program is just another example of how WyHy provides you with excellent products, services and protection. With our low-interest rate, contactless credit cards, you receive flexible rewards without the annual fees! 

We value our commitment to keeping our member's information secure. One of the ways we help keep our members safe is with our Contactless Credit Cards. Not only is the contactless technology secure from a digital standpoint, but it also eliminates the need to physically touch a card reading device when paying! This new technology is just one way that WyHy is looking out for our members!

Look below to learn more about our credit cards and you'll see our cards offer great rates and great benefits!

VISA Platinum Rewards With

Earn points while you're spending money! For each dollar ($1) you spend using your WyHy VISA Platinum Rewards card you receive one point. As you accumulate points, you'll have the option to redeem them for merchandise, travel or cash back! Simply log into your CURewards account and select what you want to use your points for. It's so simple!

Product Features:

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VISA Platinum

The WyHy VISA Platinum Card is a perfect companion to your checking account in managing your finances. This card is best for those who maintain a balance on their card and want the lowest possible interest rate credit card with no annual fee.

Product Features:

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VISA Secured

We're here to help you safely build or rebuild your credit with an introductory credit limit and a reasonable interest rate. The WyHy VISA Secured card is designed to help you take charge of your finances and your financial future.

Product Features:

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Important Numbers & Payment Address
Activate your WyHy VISA 1-866-820-3840
Customer Service 1-866-820-3840
Report a Lost or Stolen VISA 1-866-820-3840
Pay By Phone 1-866-820-3840
Payment Address PO Box 60510
City of Ind, CA 91716-0097

Terms and Conditions

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate can be higher or lower depending on credit performance at the time of official credit card loan application and the term chosen. VISA Credit Card rates are variable and subject to change based on changes in the Prime Rate. Other terms and conditions may apply. Membership with WyHy Federal Credit Union required. Contact the Credit Union for full details and Design Your Own Card information and fee.