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Regular Share Draft Checking

The Basics Done Right
At WyHy Federal Credit Union, we believe that managing your day-to-day finances should be simple, convenient, and hassle-free. That's why we offer Regular Share Draft Checking accounts designed to meet the needs of our members for everyday banking. Whether you're paying bills, making purchases, or accessing cash, our Regular Share Draft Checking account provides the flexibility and features you need to manage your money with ease.

Key Features:

  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees: We believe in keeping banking affordable for our members. With our Regular Share Draft Checking account, you won't have to worry about monthly maintenance fees eating into your budget. Enjoy the convenience of a checking account without the added cost.
  • No Minimum Balance Requirements: Say goodbye to minimum balance requirements that tie up your funds. Our Regular Share Draft Checking account allows you to maintain your account without worrying about maintaining a minimum balance. Access your funds whenever you need them, without restrictions.
  • Unlimited Check Writing: Write checks as often as you need without worrying about transaction limits. Our Regular Share Draft Checking account offers unlimited check writing privileges, allowing you to pay bills, make purchases, and send payments without constraints.
  • Online and Mobile Banking: Access your account anytime, anywhere with our secure online and mobile banking platforms. Check your balance, view transaction history, transfer funds, and deposit checks remotely using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Enjoy banking convenience at your fingertips.
  • Visa® Debit Card: Simplify your spending with a Visa® debit card linked to your Regular Share Draft Checking account. Use your debit card to make purchases in-store and online, withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide, and enjoy added security and convenience compared to carrying cash.
  • Direct Deposit: Set up direct deposit for your paycheck, government benefits, or other recurring income streams to have funds deposited directly into your Regular Share Draft Checking account. Enjoy faster access to your funds and eliminate the hassle of paper checks.
  • Overdraft Protection Options: Protect yourself from unexpected overdrafts with our overdraft protection options. Link your Regular Share Draft Checking account to a savings account, line of credit, or overdraft transfer service to cover transactions and avoid costly fees.

How It Works

Enjoy convenient and straightforward banking with our Regular Draft Checking account, offering easy access to your funds and essential banking services.

Account Opening

Opening a Regular Share Draft Checking account is easy. Visit one of our branch locations or apply online to get started. Provide the necessary identification and personal information to complete the application process.

Initial Deposit

Fund your Regular Share Draft Checking account with an initial deposit to activate your account. You can deposit funds via check, cash, transfer from another account, or direct deposit. There is a $25 minimum deposit required to open the account.

Access Account 

Once your account is open, you'll gain access to a range of banking services to manage your finances. Log in to online banking or our mobile app to view account balances, track transactions, pay bills, and more.

Start Banking

Begin using your Regular Share Draft Checking account for everyday transactions. Write checks, use your debit card for purchases, set up automatic bill payments, and take advantage of other account features to manage your money conveniently.

Keep it Simple!

Experience the convenience and flexibility of everyday banking with our Regular Share Draft Checking account. Join WyHy Federal Credit Union today and discover a better way to manage your money.

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