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Leadership & Volunteering

At WyHy, we redefine financial management.

"We're with you"reflects the core principles that drive our service to members and our broader community in Wyoming. Our commitment extends beyond offering financial services; we empower our members with tools for better budgeting, increased savings, accelerated debt repayment, and the realization of their dreams.

Annually, WyHy and our dedicated team actively sponsor, donate, and volunteer to support vital causes, including the Boys and Girls Club, Jason’s Friends Foundation, and the Pink Ribbon Run, among others. We are proud to be recognized as a pacesetter employer, leading by example in community involvement and corporate responsibility.

True to our belief in the "paying it forward" philosophy, we strive daily to serve as financial advocates for our members and as champions for the broader Wyoming community. We take a proactive role in fostering community development and supporting local initiatives through leadership and volunteering.

We're WyHy – We're With You – We're Wyoming.

Leadership Team

WyHy's Leadership Team consists of those whose primary purpose is to assist the Credit Union and its employees to fulfill its mission and service promises to our members. In addition, these individuals ensure financial stability commensurate with the best interest of the members, the employees and the Credit Union.

  •  Bill Willingham, President/CEO
  •  Yvonne McGee, Chief Financial Officer
  •  Matt Ballou, Chief Retail Officer
  •  Eric Valla, Chief Information Officer
  •  George Sellitto, Chief Lending Officer
  •  Dorothy Moen, Director of Human Resources

Volunteer Leadership

Board of Directors

WyHy is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership. As a democratic representative group, this diverse group of individuals, each serving three-year terms, oversees the operations of the Credit Union and ensures the safety and security of members' funds. The Board works in conjunction with Credit Union employees to ensure exceptional service, competitive products and continuing dedication to our members through the promise we make every day: To simplify your life, work in your best interest and be your lifetime partner to help you achieve financial success.

WyHy's Board of Directors:

  •  Pam Fredrick - Chair
  •  Matt Simpson- 1st Vice Chair
  •  Jim Wasson - 2nd Vice Chair
  •  Caryn Erickson - Secretary
  •  Greg Milburn - Treasurer
  •  Michael J. Miller - Director
  •  Shelly Erickson - Director

Supervisory Committee

The Board of Directors appoints members to serve on the Supervisory Committee. This committee is established in accordance with federal regulations, and comprised of five member-volunteers. This committee is charged with the oversight of the audit process, researching members' concerns and ensuring the safety and soundness of our assets.

WyHy's Supervisory Committee:

  •  Nicole Alonzo - Chair
  •  Shannon Ratliff - 1st Vice Chair 
  •  Mike Lovelett - Secretary 
  •  Linda Johnson - Member
  •  Angela Salazar - Member

Asset Management Liability Committee

The Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO) is comprised of volunteers who ensure that WyHy's financial performance is maintained.

Volunteer Opportunities

WyHy is proud to be a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned and operated by its members for over 60 years. Our members create a strong and competitive financial institution and their dedication to the Credit Union is exemplified in their willingness to volunteer.

To find out how you can volunteer for WyHy, please contact us or click below to fill out the volunteer form.

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