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Financial Wellness

The Road to Financial Freedom with GreenPath Financial Wellness
At WyHy, we prioritize your financial well-being and are delighted to provide you with free, personalized counseling, guidance, and educational resources to help you achieve your financial objectives.

To deliver on this commitment, we have partnered with the esteemed non-profit organization, GreenPath Financial Wellness. With over 60 years of experience in improving individuals' financial health and resilience, GreenPath's certified counselors offer guidance on various financial matters, including credit card debt, student loans, and homeownership. These counselors hold certifications from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), ensuring you receive expert advice.

As a valued member of WyHy, you can benefit from the following services:

  1. One-on-One Financial Counseling: Engage with certified experts who provide free financial counseling, help you understand your financial situation, explore options, and develop a plan to achieve your goals.
  2. Debt Management Services: If you're burdened with high-interest credit card debt, GreenPath's Debt Management Plan can lower your interest rates and expedite your debt repayment process.
  3. Housing Services: Access foreclosure prevention services, homebuyer counseling, rental counseling, and reverse mortgage counseling to support your housing needs.
  4. Credit Report Review: Learn how to interpret your credit report, understand the factors influencing your credit score, and discover strategies to enhance your score.
  5. Student Loan Counseling: Gain insights into various repayment options for student loans, assess their pros and cons, and make informed decisions to manage your student loan debt effectively.
GreenPath counselors are dedicated to assisting you on your financial journey.

Get Started Today! Call 877-337-3399 or Request a Call from a GreenPath Financial Counselor. Collaborate with a financial coach to devise a personalized plan to achieve your financial objectives. Call 877-337-3399 Today!

Free GreenPath Resources

Learning Lab+

LearningLab+ offers interactive coursework designed like a "choose your own adventure" experience, allowing you to learn about personal finance while developing healthy financial habits.
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Making the Most of Your Money: create a game plan for how to best use a lump sum of money – perfect for tax refund time!
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Homebuying 101: a five-part course that takes the user from financial readiness to closing day.
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Navigating Auto Loans: gives an overview of financing options to understand the best fit for a budget.
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 And Many more – on credit, debt, checking account management, and other topics!

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Empower yourself with financial knowledge and take steps toward financial freedom with GreenPath's resources.

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