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Recreational Vehicles

Explore More with WyHy Recreational Vehicle Loans

Unlock the great outdoors and set off on new adventures with WyHy's recreational vehicle loans. Whether you’re hitting the road in a motorhome, cruising on a motorcycle, or sailing away in a boat, we provide the financing you need to fuel your passions.

Cruise into Savings:

  • Flexible Terms: Choose financing options ranging from 24 to 180 months to best suit your budget and lifestyle.
  • Zero Early Payoff Penalties: Enjoy the freedom to pay off your loan early without any penalties, giving you financial flexibility when you need it most.
  • SmartPoints Perks: Take advantage of our SmartPoints program to score even lower rates and maximize your savings on your next recreational vehicle.
  • Customized RV Loans: Our RV loans are tailored to fit the uniqueness of your adventures, ensuring you get the most out of your journeys.

Your Adventure Awaits:

Embarking on your next adventure is easier than ever with WyHy. Apply online for your recreational vehicle loan and get pre-approved quickly, letting you shop for your RV, motorcycle, or boat with confidence. With various payment options designed to fit your lifestyle and a straightforward application process, WyHy makes financing your next recreational vehicle a breeze.

Don’t let anything hold you back from the adventures that await you. WyHy is here to help you navigate the process of purchasing your dream recreational vehicle with ease and confidence. Visit us online or at one of our branches to get started on your journey towards endless adventures with the support of WyHy’s flexible and friendly financing options.

With All WyHy Vehicle Loans, You Can...

Apply Easily

Apply online through our quick and easy application form, or call us anytime to apply and get pre-approved

Pick Terms

Select the repayment terms that work best for you — 24 to 72 months on new and used autos

Pay Your Way

Make your monthly payments in various ways: in person, by mail, auto deduction, payroll deduction, Online Banking, or telephone banking


Enjoy no early payoff penalties and receive your statements through Online Banking or by mail.

Ready to Roam?

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WyHy Vehicle Loans and Services 

New & Used Auto Loans
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Drive your dream car today! Apply for WyHy’s New and Used Auto Loans and enjoy competitive rates and flexible terms.

Online Loan Payment
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Make your loan payments easy and convenient! Pay your WyHy auto loan online today!

Credit Builder Auto Loan 
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Build or rebuild your credit with WyHy's Credit Builder Loan. Perfect for establishing or improving credit and earning rewards.

Protection Services 
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Protect your investment with WyHy's comprehensive Protection Services, offering peace of mind and coverage for unforeseen events.

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Rates and loan terms subject to credit approval. Loan interest accrues from loan origination date. Other conditions may apply. Membership eligibility required. Rates are subject to change. SmartPoints and other discounts may not apply for certain promotional offers. Contact the Credit Union for full details.