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Debit Cards

Spend Smarter with WyHy Debit Cards

Stay confident with your WyHy Debit Card, your secure gateway to instant funds. At WyHy, member safety is paramount, which is why we've introduced Contactless Debit Cards, blending digital security with touch-free convenience. It's our commitment to your peace of mind. Experience the latest in card technology alongside our fresh array of card designs, elevating your banking experience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with Digital Wallet
  • Choose from numerous stylish card designs
  • Personalize your PIN for immediate account access
  • Take control with Mobile Banking features:
    • Set travel alerts
    • Instantly disable your card if misplaced
    • Manage your card usage preferences
  • Enjoy nationwide acceptance at VISA-affiliated locations, Shared Branching, and Co-Op Network ATMs without surcharge.

With contactless technology, transactions are not only swift but also secure—10 times faster than chip transactions, with seamless EMV security. Trust WyHy Debit Cards for swift, secure, and convenient transactions wherever you go.

Debit Card Fraud Alerts

Protecting your card is our priority. That's why we've implemented real-time notifications to keep you informed about any suspicious activity on your debit card. These notifications are designed to promptly alert you to potential fraudulent transactions, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to take immediate action to safeguard your finances. 

Contactless Security

Experience the speed and security of contactless cards! With contactless transactions, enjoy a remarkable 10x faster process compared to traditional chip transactions. What's more, EMV security ensures seamless protection without the need for a signature. Say hello to swift, secure transactions

WyHy Debit Card Designs

Browse through our collection and discover the design that speaks to you. Add a personal touch to your banking experience.
WyHy Prarie Card


WyHy Lake Card


WyHy River card


WyHy WHP Card

Hwy Patrol

Start Spending With Confidence!

Apply for a WyHy debit card today and enjoy the convenience, security, and flexibility of managing your money with a trusted financial partner. With no monthly fees, zero liability protection, and exceptional customer service, WyHy's debit cards are the smart choice for all your everyday spending needs.

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