Youth Month

We believe helping youth build healthy money habits is important. With special incentives for kids and resources for adults, together we can guide youth in developing key money-management skills.

Celebrating Financial Literacy with WyHy's Credit Union Youth Month!

This April, WyHy proudly embraces the spirit of Credit Union Youth Month, a nationwide initiative aimed at enriching our young members' understanding of financial literacy and cultivating lifelong money management skills. At WyHy, we're committed to laying the foundation for a prosperous future through financial education, especially for our youngest savers. Join us in making Youth Month 2024 a stepping stone to financial empowerment for our children.

Earning and Learning: Unlocking Financial Wisdom

Understanding the true value of money is the first step toward financial wisdom. At WyHy, we encourage our young members to embark on this learning journey by earning money through simple household chores or neighborhood jobs. This not only teaches them about the effort required to earn money but also instills a sense of responsibility from an early age.

Savings Goals: The Adventure Begins

Every great dream begins with a saver's vision. WyHy is here to turn those dreams into reality, starting with our youngest members. Whether it's for the latest toy or a new video game, setting and achieving savings goals is crucial. We invite our young savers to explore the world of savings with their own account at WyHy, where they can watch their money grow and learn the basics of smart banking.

Financial Fun: Beyond Counting Coins

Counting money is just the start! We introduce our youth to a variety of payment methods, from traditional cash to the latest digital options, turning each transaction into a valuable learning moment. With WyHy, spending is more than just parting with money; it's about making informed financial choices.

Generosity and Patience: Building Character Through Finances

Our financial education journey goes beyond saving and spending. We teach our young members the importance of giving, whether it's through charitable donations or thoughtful gifts, fostering a strong sense of community and empathy. Equally important is the lesson of patience and the rewards of saving for something truly desired, cultivating wise spending habits for the future.

Youth Month 2024: Special Celebrations and Rewards

If your loved little ones don’t already have an account withWyHy this is the time to start! This Youth Month, we're making the journey even more exciting with BUCKS!

You can earn Bucks all month long by*:

Earn Bucks!

  • Deposits: Each deposit of $25 or greater made into your Youth or Independence account during the month of April will earn you Bucks. WyHy Bucks can be turned in for a chance to win a magic kit, a piggy bank, a WyHy waterbottle or a $100 deposit at the end of the month. Each branch location will select winners!
  • Matching Money: Jumpstart your savings with a 15-Month SmartSaver Certificate**, and WyHy will match up to $50 on your initial deposit. Opening a SmartSaver Certificate will earn you Bucks!
  • Coloring Contest: During the month of April, we will be holding a coloring contest. When you turn in a coloring page during April, you’ll earn Bucks that you can redeem for prizes.

There's no better moment to begin your financial journey with WyHy. Beyond being a place to save, WyHy fosters a community where our young members can grow, learn, and become savvy savers. This Credit Union Youth Month, take the first step toward a bright financial future with us.

We're with you, every step of the way.

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*Membership required. Insured by NCUA. For more details, visit our website or drop by our branches in Cheyenne, Casper, Green River, Lyman, or Rock Springs. Terms and conditions may apply and are subject to change without notice. Federally insured by NCUA.