WyHy Federal Credit Union Strengthens Commitment

WyHy Federal Credit Union Strengthens Commitment to Wyoming Communities through $10,000 Donation to Wyoming Hunger Initiative
WyHy is delighted to share an exciting update that reflects our ongoing commitment to the well-being of our community and our dedication to the philosophy of "People Helping People." We are proud to announce a significant step in this journey—a $10,000 contribution to the Wyoming Hunger Initiative.

Addressing Food Insecurity Across Wyoming

The Wyoming Hunger Initiative, led by First Lady Jennie Gordon, is a pivotal force in identifying and addressing the challenges of food insecurity faced by individuals and families throughout our great state. As a credit union deeply rooted in the principles of community welfare, we believe in taking tangible steps to make a positive impact.
The $10,000 donation from WyHy will directly support the Wyoming Hunger Initiative's mission to alleviate hunger, nourish communities, and enhance the well-being of Wyoming residents. This is more than a financial contribution; it is a direct investment in the lives of our fellow Wyomingites.

Strengthening Wyoming Together

This donation serves as a testament to WyHy's commitment to addressing pressing social issues and being a force for positive change. By supporting the Wyoming Hunger Initiative, we aim to be a catalyst for progress and contribute to the well-being of our community.
WyHy Federal Credit Union extends an invitation to all members, businesses, organizations, and community stakeholders to join us in the effort to combat hunger in Wyoming. Together, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity and strengthen the bonds that make Wyoming a resilient and caring community.
As we move forward, let us continue embodying the spirit of "People Helping People." WyHy Federal Credit Union is committed to being an active participant in the betterment of Wyoming, and with your support, we can build a stronger, more resilient community together.
We're with you!

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