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WyHy Smart Points

Did you know, you can now see your Smart Points in WyHy home and mobile banking? You can, and it's easy!
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What ARE Smart Points?

WyHy's SmartPoints is our uniquely designed rewards program to show you, the member, our appreciation for your loyal membership! As a member, you earn 100 SmartPoints for every year of membership — and for every dollar of interest paid or dividends earned you earn one point! And if that isn't easy enough, the more services you add the more points you earn. For example, we award points for:
  • Direct deposit
  • Online Banking
  • Bill Pay
  • eStatements
  • eAlerts
  • New loans
  • Referring a new member

How Do You Get Smart Points?

You don't have to sign-up for anything, or manually track and manage your SmartPoints because you automatically start earning SmartPoints when you perform certain actions, and we take care of all the tracking and management for you. It's just another way we thank you for being a member of WyHy.

SmartPoints are easy to earn

1 point for every dollar of interest paid and 100 points for every year of membership and more:
  • Direct Deposit: 250 points
  • Online Banking: 250 points
  • eStatements: 250 points
  • Online Bill Pay: 100 points
  • eAlerts: 100 points
  • Refer a new member: 1,000 points
  • New loan or new money greater than $5,000: 500 points
  • Loan application submitted through 250 points

Use them to save money!

Increase Term Share Certificate** 0.25% for 2,500 points or Lower Your Loan Rate 0.25% for 2,500 points.

How Do I See My SmartPoints?

  1. Login into WyHy Digital via your desktop or mobile app.
  2. Find the Smart Points section.
  3. Click on the Smart Points account
  4. Click on Account Details. This will show your Smart Points count. Please note: your balance will show as $0.00, but your Account Details screen will show the accurate number of points available to you.
  5. If you wanted to jump straight to the Smart Points account on your mobile app, click the quick link to Smart Points on the menu bar.
Account Details Smart Points
Smart Points

We're With You!

*For Term Share Certificates 24 months and greater. Some restrictions may apply.
**SmartPoints discounts are not available for Real Estate Loans or VISA Credit Cards. The SmartPoints program also does not apply to mortgage product fees. Not all fees can be waived using SmartPoints. Contact us with any questions or to learn more.