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WyHy Digital Banking Features You Should Know

In the ever-evolving landscape of banking, WyHy remains committed to providing our members with cutting-edge digital banking features.
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We are excited to share some of the key digital banking features that can enhance your financial experience.

Mobile Banking App: Your Financial Hub on the Go

WyHy's mobile banking app is designed to be your financial companion, providing a seamless and user-friendly interface. Whether you're checking account balances, transferring funds, or paying bills, our app puts the power of banking in the palm of your hand. Stay connected to your finances wherever life takes you.

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs): A Personalized Banking Experience

Experience the future of banking with WyHy's Interactive Teller Machines. These cutting-edge machines combine the convenience of ATMs with the personal touch of a live teller. Conduct a variety of transactions, ask questions, and receive assistance, all through the interactive video interface. It's like having a teller at your fingertips, even outside of traditional banking hours.

Online Account Management: Take Control of Your Finances

WyHy's online account management tools empower you to take control of your finances. Monitor your accounts, track expenses, and set up alerts to stay informed about your financial activity. With secure and convenient access, managing your money has never been easier.

Mobile Deposit: Deposit Checks Anytime, Anywhere

Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting a branch to deposit a check. WyHy's mobile deposit feature allows you to snap a photo of your check and deposit it directly into your account using the mobile app. It's a quick, secure, and convenient way to handle your deposits without leaving the comfort of your home.

Card Controls: Protect Your Cards with a Tap

Ensure the security of your WyHy debit or credit cards with the card controls feature. From the mobile app, you can easily turn your card on or off, set spending limits, and receive instant alerts for transactions. Gain peace of mind and take control of your card security with just a tap.

Digital Card Issuance: The Future of Banking

This groundbreaking enhancement to our debit card services is designed to elevate both convenience and security for our valued members. With digital card issuance, you can access a digital version of your debit card instantly while awaiting the arrival of your physical card. This eliminates the wait, allowing you to shop online and in person without delay. With a robust multifactor authentication process, Digital Cards ensure secure access, providing an additional layer of security for your peace of mind. The convenience extends to seamless online purchases and integration with mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet, for in-person transactions. Moreover, in emergencies, Digital Cards act as a financial lifeline, issuing a new debit card immediately and digitally, providing prompt access to financial security, whether you're on vacation or far from home.

Embrace the future of banking with WyHy and discover a world of convenience, security, and personalized financial services at your fingertips. Your financial journey is unique, and WyHy is here to support you every step of the way.

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