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Transform Your Change Into Savings

Did you know that WyHy has a partnership with Coinstar, providing members with an innovative way to deposit funds? Well, it's true!
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Now, you can directly deposit your coins into your WyHy account, making managing your finances even more convenient.

The Hassle-Free Solution:

Tired of counting and sorting your coins manually? WyHy and Coinstar have you covered. With this partnership, the process becomes swift, simple, and safe. Say goodbye to the tedious task of organizing loose change and embrace a hassle-free solution.

Coinstar's user-friendly kiosks make depositing your loose change into your account incredibly easy. Simply locate a participating Coinstar kiosk, which can be found in various locations, from local grocery stores to your favorite retail spots. No more struggling with coin wrappers or spending hours counting change – the process is streamlined for your convenience.

Instant Access to Funds:

Once your coins are counted and converted at the Coinstar kiosk, you gain immediate access to your funds. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having instant access to the value of your loose change.

How it Works:

The process is straightforward. Visit any participating Coinstar kiosk. Follow the easy on-screen instructions to deposit your coins by using your WyHy debit card directly to your WyHy account.

Transform your loose change into savings with the swift, simple, and safe process offered by Coinstar kiosks. Experience the ease of use, instant access to funds, and the convenience of a direct deposit into your WyHy account. Embrace the future of financial convenience through this innovative collaboration between WyHy and Coinstar.

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