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April is Youth Month!

This April, WyHy is excited to join in the national celebration of Credit Union Youth Month, a time dedicated to teaching our youngest members about the importance of financial literacy and fostering sound money habits early in life.
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At WyHy, we believe that financial education is a cornerstone of a prosperous future, and what better way to begin this journey than during Youth Month 2024?

Earning and Learning: The Path to Financial Wisdom

At the heart of financial literacy is understanding the value of money—how it's earned and how it can be managed wisely. You can encourage young savers to start by earning money through household chores or small jobs. This early lesson in responsibility helps them appreciate the effort behind every dollar earned.

Savings Goals: Dream Big, Start Small

Dreams start with savings, and at WyHy, we're here to make those dreams a reality. Whether it's saving for a new game or a special toy, setting savings goals is a crucial step. Our young savers are encouraged to use piggy banks or better yet, open a savings account with us, where they can watch their savings grow and learn the basics of banking.

Financial Fun: Counting Money and More

Learning to count money is just the beginning. We introduce our youth to various payment methods, including cash and digital payments, making every transaction an opportunity for learning. It's not just about spending; it's about making informed financial decisions.

Generosity and Patience: Values for Life

Financial education isn't complete without lessons in charity and the importance of delayed gratification. Encouraging our young ones to allocate part of their money for gifts or charity instills a sense of community and generosity. Similarly, teaching them the value of saving for something they truly want fosters patience and wise spending habits.

Special Celebrations for Youth Month 2024

If your loved little ones don’t already have an account with WyHy this is the time to start! This Youth Month, we're making the journey even more exciting with BUCKS!

You can earn Bucks all month long by:

  • Opening a Youth Savings Account
  • Opening a 15-Month SmartSaver Certificate
  • Making Deposits into your Youth Savings Account
  • Entering the WyHy Coloring Contest


Each deposit of $25 or greater made into your Youth account during the month of April will earn you Bucks. Your Bucks can be turned in for a chance to win a magic kit, a piggy bank, a WyHy water bottle, or a $100 deposit at the end of the month. Each branch location will select winners!

Matching Money:

Jumpstart your savings with a 15-Month SmartSaver Certificate, and WyHy will match up to $50 on your initial deposit. Opening a SmartSaver Certificate will earn you Bucks!

Coloring Contest:

During the month of April, we will be holding a coloring contest. When you turn in a coloring page during April, you’ll earn a Reward Buck that you can redeem for prizes.

There's no better time to start a young journey with WyHy. WyHy is more than a place to save; it's a community where young members learn, grow, and become savvy savers. Celebrate Credit Union Youth Month with us and take the first step towards a bright financial future.

We're with you!