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SMS/Text Mobile Banking

NOTE: You must first be enrolled in Mobile Banking to use Text Mobile Banking. Click here for instructions to enroll in WyHy's Mobile Banking

Process to enroll into SMS/Text Mobile Banking:

  1. Log into the mobile banking website: m.mdtsaas.com/WYHYFCU.
    The mobile banking website can be viewed on your mobile device or on a desktop computer web browser if your mobile device does not support web browsing.
  2. Select "SMS Settings" from the menu
  3. Select "Add a mobile number"
  4. Accept the SMS Terms and Conditions
  5. Enter a valid mobile phone number and click [Continue]
  6. You will receive a text message within a few minutes stating:
    Please reply Y to subscribe to WYHY SMS mobile banking.

    Rply Y to Join

    Rply HELP for more
    Rply STOP to quit
    Std txt chrgs apply

    Welcome to WYHY SMS Mobile Banking!

    Msg&Data Rates May
    Txt HELP for help
    Txt STOP to stop

    Rply LEAVE WYHY at any time to opt out of mobile banking.

    Standard text messaging rates apply.

  7. You will receive a text message within a few minutes stating:
    Your phone was subscribed to WYHY SMS mobile banking. Please enter the verification code in the enrollment website.
    Verification code: {6 digit number}


    Note: Text message #9 may be received before message #8. The order in which the text messages arrive is not important.
  8. Enter the verification code in the WAP Verify Phone page
  9. You will receive a welcome text message:
    Welcome to WyHy FCU
    Reply with:
    B = balances
    H = recent history
    H acct = recent history for account
    HELP = help
    STOP = unsubscribe
    X source dest amount = transfer amount from source share/loan to destination share/loan (e.g. X S0001 L0031 100.50)

WyHy's SMS/Text Mobile Banking number is 86020. The above commands can be used any time you use SMS/Text Mobile Banking and are not case sensitive, so either upper or lower case will work.


The mobile banking website Enrollment Complete page (open in your mobile device or desktop computer browser) will show the available SMS commands with examples.

Congratulations, your phone is now enrolled into text mobile banking!

Your service provider's standard texting rates will apply.