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The freedom to pay your way

Transfer funds to anyone, anywhere, anytime, any way you like.

Why Pay-A-Person?

  • Send money to anyone in your contact list with just an email address or phone number
  • Transfer funds to anyone through text, email, direct deposit, or even a check in the mail
  • Avoid third-party apps and transfer your money directly through your trusted credit union

Sending funds made simple.

  • Be sure the person you want to pay is in your contacts list, or add them
  • Select Pay-A-Person from your mobile app menu
  • Add the payee from your phone’s contact list
  • Choose how you’d like your contact to be paid
  • Enter the amount and date of your money transfer
  • Hit send!

Getting started is done!

To start using Pay-A-Person simply make sure you have the most recent version of the WyHy Mobile App.

The new feature comes built right in for greater convenience. For details about the app and to download the most recent version, please visit our Mobile App Page.