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Mobile Banking

WyHy's Mobile Banking

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere, by using your mobile phone. If you have the ability to browse the web from your mobile phone or even just the ability to text message, you can bank on your phone!

We've added some exciting new features to Mobile Banking! Anything in blue below is brand new as of July 2019, so take a look at all you can do with WyHy's Mobile Banking:

  • View your current FICO Score!
    • When you log into your Mobile Banking app, simply click on the FICO Score 1 on the menu options to see your FICO Score.
  • View any cleared checks
  • View all accounts in one group, on one screen
  • Check your balances
  • View monthly statements, important notices and tax statements
  • View transaction history
  • Search within transaction history
  • Transfer funds and effortlessly track number of remaining transfers
    • Add notes/memos to transfers
  • Make member to member transfers with Share/Loan ID optional
  • Make check deposits: Holds are now only placed on funds over $800.
  • Track payment due dates with the enhanced Bill Payment Calendar
  • Pay your bills
  • New! Loan Details Dashboard
    •  Every loan has a new summary screen showing information about that loan (Minimum payment due, payment due date, overdue amount, and payoff amount). 
  • Reset your password
    • The same password applies to Mobile Banking and Online Banking
    • If you reset your password in either Mobile or Online Banking, it will automatically reset in the other (that is if you're signed up for both)
    • If you choose to "save password" you will be asked to set up a lock screen option as an additional security step. This protects your account in the event your device is lost or stolen.
  • See last sign-on date and time with the time stamp at the bottom of the main page
  • View your VISA Credit Card account
  • Turn your Debit Card off in the event that it's lost, stolen or simply not in use
  • Schedule travel alerts on your Debit Card
  • Find branch locations
  • Locate ATMs

Get Started

First, download our WyHy mobile application to your phone.

  • Download application for Windows Mobile and other mobile devices with data plan
  • Download App for your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android
  • You can also access Mobile Banking from the mobile web browser on your web-enabled phone or Smartphone - simply click here!
  • Once you've downloaded and opened the Mobile Banking app you can simply click on "Enroll Here" and follow the final steps. Then you're all set!

Download on the AppStore

Get it on Google Play

Text (SMS) Banking

If you can text, you can bank! No data plan required. Do basic banking functions by texting commands to WyHy.

  • Check your balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage your accounts by texting

Pease note that your service providers standard texting rates apply.

How to Sign Up

Navigate to m.wyhy.org and enroll/login to the mobile banking site, then register for SMS banking. Contact us for more information or assistance in setting yourself up for Mobile Banking.

For more detailed instructions, see Text Mobile Banking

Mobile Web Requirements

You must have a valid mobile phone number. Additionally, you must have the ability to browse the World Wide Web on your mobile phone. Please keep in mind data charges from your service provider DO apply (unless you have an unlimited data plan). No special phones are required as an internet-enabled mobile phone will be compatible.

To minimize Mobile Banking risks, please review these safety tips:

  • Lock phones with a lock code if available
  • Turn off Bluetooth capability when not in use. (Hackers can view/download the content of your phone via the Bluetooth connection, without your knowing it.)
  • Purge text messages regularly
  • Delete cached data from mobile browsers
  • Do not allow mobile browsers to store online banking credentials
  • Do not disclose personal information via text messaging
  • Do not leave the phone unattended
  • Visit trusted sites only and don't click on suspicious email messages and embedded links, just as on a computer
  • Contact WyHy immediately if the phone is stolen
  • Do not "jailbreak," "root," or otherwise modify the phone

Mobile Devices

If you are experiencing any issues with our Mobile Banking App on pre iPhone 5 devices, please download our new App available in the App Store to remedy any resolution issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you continue to have issues, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Mobile Deposit Fridays

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