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Celebrate WyHy's
Youth Month

April is going to be a dino jam! We're celebrating our youngest members to help them build good money-saving habits and learn how to make their account grow!

Don't let your savings go extinct!

Remember saying, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day you'll have good luck"? We've got something even better for you... What if that penny was really a crisp, $50 bill instead? That's got to be at LEAST 15 months worth of good luck!

This Youth Month we're spreading the word about our SmartSavers Certificate, designed with kids in mind! WyHy will match the initial deposit (up to $50) when placed in a 15-month SmartSaver Certificate. 

To make it even more dino-rific, any youth who stops into a branch to say hi or makes a transaction (or a parent who makes a youth transaction on their behalf) can peek into our DinoSavers treasure chest to grab a fun treat! Now that's a RAWR-some deal! 

Additional details about our SmartSavers Certificate:

  • $50 deposit match will be deposited at the time of account opening;
  • Youth may have multiple certificates, but deposit match is only offered on the initial certificate;1
  • Add additional funds anytime during the life of the Certificate with no penalty; 
  • Dividends are figured on the member's average daily balance and compounded quarterly;
  • View rates for SmartSaver Certificate here.

SmartSavers Certificate How-To

  • Bring a valid youth ID, social security card or birth certificate into the Casper or Cheyenne branch;
  • Not near a branch? No problem! Call 1.800.442.2392 to speak with a Member Service Advisor to get started;
  • Plan for how much you'd like to add to the certificate (we'll match up to $50!)--while you aren't able to touch that money for 15-months without paying a penalty, you can add as much as you'd like to it anytime during the life of the CD!

Looking for other Youth Savings and Checking account options? Check out our Youth Accounts here. 

If a SmartSavers Certificate has previously been opened and a $50 match already provided, youth will not qualify for another match for the Youth Month promotion.