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Stronger Together

Sweetwater and WyHy... Stronger Together! 

We look forward to this new opportunity and are excited to welcome many new members into WyHy’s credit union family!

The Boards of both Sweetwater and WyHy have unanimously approved this strategic partnership between our two organizations which will greatly benefit the members of both credit unions. We’re sure that you have questions, and we certainly want to be open and transparent.

Here are some points that may be of help to you.

While members are working on updating their account numbers for automated transactions such as direct deposit, we have set up account logic that will ensure your new account number will not stop any of your automated transactions until October 31st, 2023. This also includes any existing checks you have in your possession. You can continue to use your Sweetwater checks through the end of the year. You will need to complete your account number transactions by November 1st, 2023, to avoid any delays in your transactions clearing your account.

Your New WyHy Debit Card:  Your current Sweetwater debit card is being replaced by a new WyHy Contactless Debit Card. We hope you like the design on the card, and fondly remember the history and legacy of Sweetwater FCU.

It is important to note that the new WyHy debit card will not be usable until August 2nd. Until that time please continue to use your existing Sweetwater debit card.

Your new WyHy debit card can be activated at any time by calling the number indicated on the front of the card (you will set your 4-digit PIN on that call as well)


As part of the merger process, we will be migrating all Sweetwater member accounts to the WyHy digital banking platform. To ensure a seamless transition and enhance the safety of your personal information, it will be necessary for most members to create a new username and password for the WyHy platform.

To complete the username and password change, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • After the data merger (August 2nd) please visit www.WyHy.org and log in using your current Sweetwater credentials.
  • You will be prompted to follow a guided process to create a new username and password for the WyHy digital banking platform. Please ensure they meet the specified requirements.
  • Once the migration is complete, your Sweetwater account will be seamlessly integrated into the WyHy platform.

We understand that this change may require a little effort on your part, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. However, please be assured that these measures are taken to ensure a smooth transition and maintain a secure environment for all our members.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions throughout this process, our dedicated support team is available to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at memberservices@wyhy.org or 800-442-2392.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this transition. We greatly value your membership and are committed to providing you with a safe and secure digital banking experience.

The Rock Springs branch will be closed at noon on July 31st to begin the process of combining the legacy Sweetwater accounts onto the main WyHy core system. T

his process will run through August 1st as well, meaning the Rock Springs branch will be closed all day Tuesday, August 1st.

Rock Springs will open as soon as possible on Wednesday, August 2nd. 

Economic strains, increasing regulatory demands and the fast pace of changing technology make it challenging for many financial institutions to remain competitive. WyHy is a Wyoming Credit Union, serving Wyoming people and WyHy has members in all of Wyoming’s 23 Counties. Recognizing the need to continue the high level of service to their members, Sweetwater’s Board of Directors determined in April of this year to pursue a merger opportunity with WyHy. Sweetwater’s Board of Directors believe it is in the best interest of the members and the vitality of the credit union to become a part of WyHy. The result will be a stronger credit union that provides additional value to the Sweetwater members and existing WyHy members.

As part of WyHy, Sweetwater can ensure the ability to meet members' changing financial needs while continuing to provide superior member service. It will also help keep fees and loan rates low and savings rates competitive. This merger is an exciting partnership between two Wyoming credit unions that will join forces to better serve our members and truly become stronger together!

As noted above, mergers with the right partners provides growth for WyHy and delivers benefits such as additional branch facilities and reduced costs. Unlike a bank buyout, a credit union merger is a collaboration between two credit unions seeking to combine financial resources and expertise for the sole purpose of providing members with expanded services and improving member’s lives. Existing and new members of WyHy in southwest Wyoming will now have additional branch access.

Yes! Sweetwater has a very nice facility and a great staff in Rock Springs. We want to continue to provide the convenient service that Sweetwater members have enjoyed for years. As an added benefit, the merger will allow WyHy to bring the Rock Springs location to the thousands of members that WyHy already has in southwest Wyoming. And following the conversion of Sweetwater’s computer system, members will have access to all WyHy branches. It is anticipated that core computer systems would be merged mid 2023.

No.  You will continue to receive the best products, rates, and services that we can provide our great members!  Following the conversion of the Sweetwater computer system, members will have the opportunity to fully use this branch in Rock Springs.

No. Only the merging credit union (Sweetwater) will vote.

Now that both Board of Directors and the NCUA have approved this merger, the Sweetwater members will have the opportunity to vote. Following the vote of the membership, and a November 16, 2022 special meeting of the members, the results are provided to the NCUA. Assuming a positive vote the NCUA prepares to transfer all assets and members to WyHy. This is projected to be effective on December 31, 2022.