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What You Need To Know About WyHy Stimulus Check Policies

Recently, mainstream news articles have surfaced outlining how some financial institutions are applying stimulus direct deposits to outstanding loan, credit, or mortgage fees and balances.

We want our members and their families to know that WyHy does not have these policies in place.

Trust and transparency are vital components to all of our member relationships. When a payment is deposited into an account, it is at the discretion of the account holder to do with it as they see fit. To access these funds, use your debit card as you normally would to pay bills or conduct regular spending. If your budget allows, one of the best ways to use a stimulus funds is to put it into savings. That being said, as with any deposit, if the account where the funds are being deposited reflects a negative balance, the deposit will be applied towards the negative balance.

If you find yourself facing financial difficulties, we have services to help. From Skip-A-Pay to Streamline Mortgage, many of our loan and refinancing programs are now reworked to help members get through these especially difficult times.

If you have any questions about your stimulus funds, our policies, or COVID-19’s impact on your finances, we’re with you:

If you need to get in touch with us right away, there are many ways to contact our team: