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We're With You In Times Of Need

During such situations as government shutdowns, employment issues, or just life taking a turn in a different direction - WyHy is here for you with a variety of options to help you through the tough times. We have several options ranging from Closed-End Signature Loans, Open-End Lines of Credit — to Credit Cards, Home Equity and HELOCs, and even an Emergency Loan Program.

Our Emergency Loan Program is available to members who may have their pay delayed or temporarily reduced due to the government shutdown. Should you or someone you know be affected by the shutdown, a WyHy Member Service Advisor can assist with developing a financial plan to make the most affordable choice for you and your family.

This current government shutdown does not impact our financial institution in any way. However, because it may impact some of our members, we want you to know that as your trusted financial partner, we stand ready to support you.

Should you be impacted by the government shutdown we are here to talk with you to help assess your situation and recommend solutions. Our products and services are designed to provide the resources you need to feel more secure and to navigate through until the shutdown is over.

If you or someone you know are in need of financial assistance, please click here to contact us today.