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We're Improving The Overall Member Experience

WyHy’s core values are clearly stated: We promise to simplify your life, work in your best interest and be your lifetime partner to help you achieve financial success. So with today’s banking experience less transaction-based and more personalized, we’ve taken a step back, questioned everything and have made some big decisions in order to move the Credit Union forward – for you.

So far in 2018, we’ve implemented such advancements as tablets, online signature-based document systems, and cash recycling machines. In the near future other elements will be brought onboard such as a new account and loan application system that will allow anyone anywhere to virtually bank with us, as well as adding such services as text messaging alerts and communication options. But possibly the most exciting news is that we’ll be undertaking a complete remodel and expansion of our Cheyenne branch and administrative headquarters, along with an interior remodel of our Casper location as well!

The remodeling of both branches will incorporate beautiful interior design showcasing our local Wyoming pride, along with empowering our team to provide personal, one-on-one service supported by today’s technological benefits. When you walk into a WyHy branch, you’ll be able to work with any team member to do everything from cash a check, to apply for a loan, open a new account, receive financial guidance and so much more. We’re creating a full 360-degree, personalized banking relationship for any member, allowing our staff the opportunity to be so much more, and do so much more for the members they serve. So our staff is not being replaced by machines, but rather our staff will be able to leverage the benefits of technology to personally help our members even better than we do today.

Our “We’re with you.” tagline is more than just three simple words. It encompasses the principles we live by to serve our members, and the community. Every day we show our members how we’re with them, but the avenues and tools our staff need to provide the best financial relationship possible is changing, evolving, and we need to adjust how we do business in order to remain relevant and proactive not only for our members, but our team here at WyHy as well. So as we transition from a transactional focus to a more personal focus we will have some staff structure changes, but our overall staffing level will remain about the same with us eventually creating additional job opportunities.

The official start of both the Cheyenne location remodel and expansion, and the Casper remodel are slated to kick-off in late-July 2018. Cheyenne is expected to take about a year to complete, while Casper will occur over a shorter 3 to 4-month period, tentatively unveiling their new digs later this fall. Both branches will remain open and operational over the construction timeframe, and you can rest assured we’re committed to keeping our members, staff and the community consistently updated throughout it all.

So stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more news about this exciting endeavor!