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Supporting Goins Elementary School

We've got some exciting news from the South Side Triad of Cheyenne. A passionate group known as the graduation team, meets once a month to discuss ways to bring the south side together and to increase student and parent engagement. The team gave the South HS students the task of designing a t-shirt to motivate the students in the south triad to attend school and have pride in their education. The graduation team voted on all the designs the students came up with. On the bottom of the shirt it says, "SHOW UP".  The shirts that WyHy generously helped purchase for Goins Elementary gives these young students a bright spark to bring pride to everyone in the south triad. 

WyHy employees, Kim, Brittney, and Kerri visited Goins Elementary, and they were blown away. Goins Elementry has created a vibrant atmosphere, with college banners hanging in the gym and students buzzing about their dream college. 

Let's Unravel the A.V.I.D Magic:
At Goins Elementary they practive something called A.V.I.D, and boy, is it making learning exciting! A.V.I.D stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It's like a secret recipe that Goins teachers use to help students develop skills and habits they need to succeed not only in school but also in life. 

A is for Advancement:
At Goins, they believe in setting the stage for success early on. Through A.V.I.D, students learn essential academic behaviors and higher-level thinking skills that will come in handy as they grow up. We're talking about stuff like staying organized, having killer study skills, nailing communication, and learning how to advocate for themselves. These kids are becoming mini superheroes of education!

V is for Via:
But wait, there's more! A.V.I.D teachers at Goins are like superheroes themselves. They create a ripple effect, inspiring students in higher grades to follow suit. The skills and knowledge gained through A.V.I.D pave the way for success in middle school, high school, and even college. Talk about building a strong foundation for a bright future!

I is for Individual:
You know what's amazing? Each student at Goins Elementary gets personalized attention and support. With A.V.I.D, the focus is on the unique needs and strengths of every student. Teachers guide them in taking structured notes, asking mind-blowing questions, and going beyond ordinary answers. They're like detectives of knowledge, always digging deeper!

D is for Determination:
Get ready for a blast of inspiration! Goins Elementary is all about nurturing dreams and setting students up for success. Imagine this: every classroom is decorated based on a different college chosen by the teacher. These kids get to dive into the world of different universities, discovering what makes each one special and how they can get in. 

With the South Side Triad's graduation team leading the charge and WyHy lending a helping hand, the students in the south triad are on an incredible journey. The "SHOW UP" t-shirts serve as a constant reminder to embrace education and take pride in their learning adventure. So, when you see them around town wearing their AMAZING shirts, just know that WyHy helped these kids want to “SHOW UP” and not only take pride in their school, but with any luck, keep the love of learning alive in their hearts and minds!