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Get the cash you need, FAST!

We've all been there - the unexpected medical bill, the car broke down at the worst possible time, the moment where you wonder, "...how much ramen is TOO much ramen?"

When you need cash fast, you can turn to WyHy for help through our new QCash loan. Unlike payday lenders who hope to get you trapped in a cycle, we work to get you the help you need and even build or repair your credit in the process.

To help our members with financing when they have challenges qualifying for a traditional loan, we launched QCash. QCash looks beyond traditional lending guidelines and takes the member’s relationship with us into account. That, along with more relaxed underwriting requirements, enables members to have access to funds that they might not otherwise.

QCash is great because:

  • You get the funds you need quickly - as in just 6 clicks and 60-seconds! You'll know right away if you're approved and get the funds deposited immediately.
  • Easy online application.
  • No credit check is required.
  • You can borrow up to $2,000 (minimum amount is $200).
  • All loans are reported to the credit bureaus monthly!

Stress less - contact us to talk with our team about our QCash program or apply online today! You can also learn more by clicking here!

Find out how QCash can help you