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Get Pumped Up About Free Gas!

Every one of us is struggling with the “gas pains” that we endure each time we fill up our vehicles with gas or diesel. The national average price for unleaded gas is currently running about $5 per gallon.  Even our normally favorable gas prices in the Cowboy State are averaging around $4.85.

Well, your credit union is doing something about it!  Starting  June 27th and going through August 31st, we’re rewarding three members each week with FREE GAS. Here’s how it works:

  • Use your WyHy VISA® Debit or VISA® Credit card to purchase your fuel at any gas station. 
  • Each Monday we’ll randomly draw three WyHy VISA® Credit Card or Debit Card transactions and announce the winning members from the previous week’s total number of card transactions.
  • The three winners will be notified and posted on WyHy.org
  • We’ll reimburse the winners the amount of their individual gas purchases (up to $250) by depositing that amount into their WyHy savings account.
  • Each Monday we’ll announce three new winners* throughout the summer.

And we’ll go a step further.  If you’re a winner - WyHy will up the dollar amount to equal your largest fuel transaction in your account that week.

No gimmicks, nothing to sign up for, nothing special to do.  We’re just buying the fuel for three of our great members each week.  

So remember to use your WyHy VISA® Debit or Credit Card for all your purchases but especially when you buy gas.  You could be one of our winners.  

We're With You! 


WyHy employees, volunteers and their families are ineligible.  Winning members must be in good standing at WyHy.