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Fraud Alerts

WyHy members, along with numerous others, are having money stolen from their accounts. We have been warned that we can expect Cyber Attacks to increase, but you can do something very easy to protect yourself.  NEVER PROVIDE YOUR ONLINE USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO ANYONE.

We want to believe that nice voice on the phone, or maybe at our door, but DO NOT give out this information! Crooks take your credentials and go into your account, sending money to themselves or others.  Because you gave them the information – viewed as your authorization – the Police and others can do nothing to retrieve your funds.

Eric Valla, Chief Information Officer at WyHy warns, “It doesn’t matter if it’s your friend or your brother, NEVER give your online credentials to anyone.”

As a reminder, WyHy employees will never call you and ask for Passwords.  If someone does, simply hang up.

Additionally, in light of current geopolitical events, Federal Regulators and Security Agencies have reminded all of us to be on alert for these additional tactics:

  • PHISHING: Phishing is the likely mode of attack, but please remain vigilant against any form of cyberattack.
    • Phishing: when a bad actor sends a fraudulent email message designed to trick a person into revealing sensitive information to the attacker or to deploy malicious software on the victim's infrastructure like ransomware.
    • Vishing: Voice phishing, or vishing, is when a bad actor lures staff into providing member data by posing as the member or a third-party vendor.  Never follow the instructions of a caller to click on links or download information.
  • Links / Attachments:  Never click on a link or download an attachment from an unknown sender or on an email that you were not expecting.  When in doubt, verify through another means of communication.
  • Public Wi-Fi:  Public Wi-Fi networks should never be used when working remotely, or for your personal banking. While some public wi-fi hotspots are encrypted, most aren't – and if the network isn't secure, there's an increased chance a hacker could eavesdrop on the data your device transmits and receives, potentially recording login details or other sensitive information.

As always, WyHy is here to help.  If you have concerns or questions feel free to call us.  We’re with you!