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Love Your Home Loan

It's time for your home to pay you back.

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Here's a deal that'll make you love your home even more!

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates by applying for a home equity loan. With new house prices soaring, chances are you've probably built up some equity if you've lived there a few years. Our new loan terms will allow even more homeowners like you to transform that equity into cash and use it wherever you need, with ZERO fees!

Check out these limited-time details: 

  • Fixed rates as low as 2.27% APR*;
  • 5- and 10-year terms qualify; 
  • Borrow up to $100,000;
  • No closing costs** included if application submitted by May 1, 2021;
  • Loan-to-Value of up to 90%;
  • Flexible payoff terms and no penalty for early payoff;
  • Free to use funds how you see fit;
  • Other terms and amounts available with applicable fees. 

What do the payments look like for me?

Understandably, you may be thinking, "I have one mortgage I'm paying. How much more will this cost on top of that?" We're happy to break it down as much as we can using the example details below: 

EXAMPLE: Love My Home Loan with WyHy***
  Rate As Low As Term Approx. Payment
Per $1,000
2nd Mortgage, Fixed Rate 2.27% 5-Year $17.65
2nd Mortgage, Fixed Rate 2.52% 10-Year $9.44

Example Scenario #1****: Member A wants to take out a 10-year mortgage for $80,000 and qualifies for the 2.52% rate. Based on the chart above, Member A will have an approximate payment of $755.20 per month. 

Example Scenario #2****: Member B wants to take out a 5-year mortgage for $25,000 and qualifies for the 2.27% rate. Based on the chart above, Member B will have an approximate payment of $441.25 per month. 

Have questions? Our Member Service Advisors would love to talk to you more about this loan product! Call us during business hours at 1.800.442.2392. 

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates "as low as" dependent on creditworthiness and subject to WyHy approval. Rate is accurate as of 2/17/2021. Terms and conditions may apply. Rates and terms are subject to eligibility and may change without notice. Only 5- and 10-year terms qualify for no-fee contract; all other terms will be assessed normal closing costs. Contact the Credit Union for full details regarding any WyHy Loan products and rate updates. 

**If an appraisal is required for a home equity loan/second mortgage, appraisal costs will be included as a loan fee. 

***Rates shown are shown for 80% loan-to-value; rates may be different for higher LTV. LTV will be combined with original mortgage and Home Equity Loan. Max LTV of 90% available.

****Rates based on the following calculation: # of thousands x approx. payment per thousand = total payment per month.