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Monday Messages

Your Best New Year's Resolution? Fatten Your Savings Account!

Your resolutions for 2022 have many worthy goals - from fitness and healthy eating to more "me" time and self-care. One area that many people choose to focus on around the New Year is financial health. And at WyHy, we're here to help you save more money and reach your goal of having a fat and happy savings account.

  • Build a budget and stick to it. Setting a budget is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for financial health.
  • Limit making those "extra" purchases that add up and deplete your savings account.
  • Prioritizing savings. The idea of "paying yourself first" and putting money away at the beginning of every month or pay period helps you avoid scrambling for money after paying all your bills.
  • Regularly add to your savings, even if it is only a little bit, and your account will grow exponentially.
  • Search for the best possible money-saving financial services like WyHy's high-yielding, no minimum balance checking account that refunds those pesky ATM fees and pays you back, or a checking that pays you back!
  • Determine if the credit card you're using is best for you. If you carry a balance, you should look for a low annual rate. If you pay off your balance monthly, are you getting cash back or rewards for your efforts? Check out WyHy's 0.00% APR balance transfer special HERE.
  • Lower the interest on your car loan. Read about our super low-rate auto refinance special HERE.
  • Finally, review your recurring payments and check for subscriptions that you are no longer using. Did you sign up for a free trial but forget to cancel? Are you still paying for a gym or streaming service that is no longer being used? These small amounts add up and cancelling unneeded payments can leave you with more to contribute to your savings account.

Along with our many money-saving services, we provide our members free access to KOFE, a financial education and help platform that is designed to connect users with the tools they need to be more financially successful. From budgeting to financial training, you'll find some great help. Check it out HERE.

From all of us at WyHy, Happy New Year and Happy Saving!