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Monday Messages

Tax Season 2022

The April 18th federal tax filing deadline is still several weeks away but getting started on your taxes now can save you time and frustration later. The IRS will start accepting returns on January 24th.  Here is some information you may find helpful when completing and filing taxes.

Routing Number:

WyHy: 30708669
Former Green River Basin members: 302386778
Please note: If you are filing and anticipate a refund or payment to your account prior to April 1st, please enter the Green River Basin Routing Number.  If these events are anticipated after April 1st, please use the WyHy Routing Number.

Account Number:

WyHy Members: Looking for your account number? (This is not the number on your debit or credit card.) Simply log in to your WyHy Digital Banking (mobile or desktop), select Checking or Shares, then select Account Details.  Your Account Number and Routing Number are shown at the bottom.

Former Green River Basin members: Looking for your account number?  Refer to a recent statement that shows your account number.  Feel free to call us at (307) 875-3044.

Listed below are the most common Tax Forms that you might receive from WyHy.  They will be mailed by January 31, 2022, or they are available in Digital Banking – mobile or desktop. Simply select Estatements from the top of the main menu, then Statements, View Statements, and Tax Statements.  Your current and prior year’s Tax Statements are securely stored for you!

  • 1099-INT: more than $10 in dividends earned during the year (no 1099-INT forms issued for IRA investments)
  • 1099-R: made distribution from a retirement account (Traditional/Roth IRA)
  • 1098: $600 or more of mortgage interest during the year
  • 5498: shows the FMV (12-31 IRA ending balance) for Traditional/Roth IRA; Required Minimum Distribution amount for tax year 2021

And remember, you can still boost your retirement with tax deferred earnings. WyHy has IRAs and Health Savings Accounts that help provide for your future.  Check them out today.  Or call us at (800) 442-2392.  We’re with you.  Here’s to a smooth tax season!