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Switching is Easier Than Ever With ClickSWITCH

Whether you’re new to WyHy or just ready to make us your primary financial institution, the WyHy Digital app makes it easy to get all of your direct deposits, update recurring payments and more set up with nothing more than a few clicks. Through ClickSWITCH, you can update payment methods on all of your previously authorized recurring payments; such as Amazon, Netflix, and that gym membership that’s ready and waiting for you come New Year’s resolution time.

Along with authorized payments, your employer will also receive a notification about your changed account, allowing them to seamlessly update your direct deposit and have your money flow smoothly through your WyHy checking account.

Additionally, your old financial institution will be notified that you are closing the account and able to transfer any remaining funds to your WyHy account. It’s really that easy. ClickSWITCH is available for no cost to any WyHy member. Follow the steps below to get started!

How ClickSWITCH Works
1. Log in to WyHy Digital: Online & Mobile Banking through your desktop or mobile app.
2. Click Account Switching in the widget menu.
3. Select the direct deposits and automatic payments you'd like to switch to WyHy.
4. In just a few minutes, the account switch process is complete! ClickSWITCH will even help initiate the closure of your old account.

If you have questions about ClickSWITCH or the account switching process, please contact a Member Service Advisor at 1.800.442.2492 or email MemberServices@WyHy.org for an appointment.