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Stress Free Car Shopping

Looking for a simpler way to buy a car? As a WyHy member, you have access to AutoSmart, our online vehicle marketplace for an easy car buying experience.

How AutoSmart works

WyHy's AutoSmart connects you to a network of over 14,000 trusted auto dealerships. When you visit a WyHyy-connected auto dealer, you can automatically access your credit union pre-approval to complete your financing.

Here are some of the ways AutoSmart simplifies your car search:

  • Search for your ideal features- AutoSmart lets you find the perfect car. You can select the features that matter most and compare them against available inventory. Whether you prefer new or used or are partial to a specific make and model, you can easily enter your preferences.
  • Compare pricing among auto dealers- Contacting each auto dealer independently for price information can be a long and laborious process. But with the right website, you can compare pricing on your preferred car with a few clicks. Search auto dealers nationwide or in your own area..
  • Determine how much you can afford- If you need financing for your new car, it’s recommended that you get pre-approved for an auto loan before you start shopping. This way, you can make a realistic budget. AutoSmart lets you apply for financing for maximum convenience.

Get pre-approved from a source you already trust

With a pre-approved WyHy loan, you can set a budget for yourself and get referred to a WyHy-connected car dealer for quick financing. As your credit union, you can already trust our low-cost products and services; a pre-approval is just another way we empower you to make smart financial decisions about your next car.

Find your perfect car from the comfort of home

Visit our AutoSmart website to access our online vehicle marketplace. Search your preferred make, model, and color and you’ll likely find a match. The best part? You can find your perfect car and preferred purchase location without ever leaving your home.


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