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Monday Messages

New Contactless Debit Cards

It’s been several months, but you might remember that we asked for your vote on the look of the redesigned WyHy Debit Card. You certainly let us know!  Well, the wait is over, and the members have spoken!  You wanted to show off the beauty of our great state.

Here are your winners:

WyHy River Card

This (River) card will be the default card that will be issued unless members notify us otherwise.  This card will automatically be sent to members with debit cards expiring in April, and thereafter. If you are needing a replacement card with one of these new images, please notify us at (800) 442-2392 and a new card will be sent to you. We are also able to print these cards at our branches. Come by the branch and get yours today!

These two cards (Lake and Prarie) are alternate design cards that can be ordered if preferred.  Again, featuring the beauty of our stunning state.

WyHy has enjoyed a long and proud tradition with the Wyoming Highway Patrol.  This card option features a cruiser and a beautiful Wyoming sunset.  It is available to all members.  Show support for our great law enforcement officers!

The WYDOT card features a vertical format and honors our original credit union sponsor, the Wyoming Department of Transportation.  The vertical orientation helps to emphasize the long highways through our state that is a familiar site to all of us.

Again, any of these card designs are available to any member requesting them.

Using the new Contactless Card

We all learned a lesson from COVID.  We don’t want to touch things that we don’t have to.  Especially dirty card readers.  You will notice the Contactless symbol on each of these cards.  It can be used anywhere that the card reader displays the contactless sign. You just tap your card to the reader, and you’re done!

VISA has prepared some great information to explain this feature in more detail.  And rest assured, this transaction is more secure than the traditional swipe or insert since a code is transmitted rather than account data.

As always, if you have any questions, just reach out. We're with you!

Check Out The New Designs