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Monday Messages

Make the most of your money

Inflation occurs when the prices of goods and services rise in the economy. Unfortunately, an increasing inflation rate typically affects a consumer’s purchasing power. Therefore, reevaluating your finances is more important than ever during these times! How can you make the most of your money when inflation hits?

Managing everyday expenses

Everyday expenses, including housing, food, utilities, and gas, can be the hardest to manage when inflation is high. This is because you need to pay for them each month - regardless of how high prices become. Understandably, this is also one of the most frustrating outcomes of inflation. Knowing where to begin and what initial steps you can take to stay ahead can be challenging.
A great place to start is tracking your spending and reevaluating your budget. From there, you can easily determine what areas of your finances could be adjusted to save money. For example, products or services you are overspending on and where to cut costs.

If you can, it’s important to create an emergency fund. Having money aside for unexpected events such as medical expenses or car maintenance will help you manage a hefty bill.

Managing the holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means the most expensive time of year for most people is coming up. According to financial experts –seven out of ten people claim they go over their budget around the holidays. However, as prices continue to be impacted by inflation, people must remain aware of their spending.

To help with the holidays it is important to set a spending limit and stick to it! Budgeting Tools are extremely helpful when preparing for holiday shopping.


Managing your investments

Investing is the one aspect of inflation where people can come out ahead financially! This is because higher rates lead to a larger return on your money. Take advantage of Certificates that already have higher rates and dividends. WyHy has some great Certficates available. 

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Remember, the economy is everchanging and if we were to enter a recession, it’s not going to last forever. At WyHy it is our goal to provide all of our members with the tools and resources needed to guide our members through uncertain times to achieve financial peace of mind.

We’re With You!