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Monday Messages

Make 2022 Your Year!

There's still time to make financial decisions for 2022 that could make it your best financial year ever. Here are some suggestions for making your dollars go a bit further this year.

Do you have the right Credit Card? Many of us carry a credit card that was offered in the mail. Hey, it was convenient to get, right? But is it right for you? If you regularly pay off your balance each month, are you getting perks for using the card? Or, if you carry a balance, are you getting the best interest rate? What are you paying?

WyHy offers credit cards that best fit your needs. With cash back or travel and gift options, you pick the reward you use. 

What's your mortgage rate? Rates might not be quite as low as they were a few months ago, but they are still quite good. If you're wondering if you could do better, check out WyHy's Home Loan Center. Our staff are people you can trust and know Wyoming.

Add or Update beneficiaries on your account. We're living in stressful times. If you'd like to alleviate stress on your loved ones, make sure that your WyHy accounts, as well as retirement accounts and insurance, have the beneficiaries designated in the way you desire. Give us a call at (800)442-2392 if you have a question.

Develop and stick with a budget. No matter your income budgeting can be hard. Make sure you're paying yourself first by starting or building your savings. For more tips, WyHy provides a no cost resource to help in financial education. Check out the options here.

As always, We're with you!