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Monday Messages

Let's talk digital payments!

With exciting advances in modern technology, Digital Wallets have made it easier than ever to pay and be on your way. And WyHy makes it easy to add your card information to your smartphone or smartwatch and checkout with a simple tap of your device!

Want to make the most of your Digital Wallet during the holiday season? Go a step further and add your WyHy Visa credit card to your Digital Wallet as well and easily take advantage of our current Visa holiday special. Charges you make between now and February 28, 2022 will remain at 0%APR all the way through next August.  If you plan to make a big purchase this spring or summer, it makes sense to do it before February 28th and take advantage of this 0%APR offer – and do it all with a simple tap of your smartphone or smartwatch.

Not only are digital payments fast, they’re also safe and secure. Accepted by most major brands and many local retailers, digital payments reduce the risk of fraud or stolen cards. What’s more, your receipts are stored electronically. Connect your WyHy debit and credit cards to your Digital Wallet through Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay™ today!

Set up Digital Wallet Today!