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Monday Messages

Do you know how to spot and protect yourself from Identity Theft?

Having your information stolen can be a stressful experience; particularly when the information stolen gives the thief access to your finances. One common way identity theft happens is through debit card fraud where a thief accesses your debit card or PIN number and conducts transactions without your approval. While there are ways to recover from debit card fraud, a good offense is always the best defense.

Simple steps you can take to protect yourself digitally:

  • Monitor your account for suspicious activity. WyHy’s mobile and online Digital Banking make it easy to keep any eye on the money going in and out of your account. Open Home or Mobile Banking at www.wyhy.org and select “More” from the options.  You will see a small bell and “Alerts.” Selecting the Alerts options allows you to choose and receive all types of notifications, by email or text message, on your share types, checking, savings, etc. As an example, you can elect to receive notification for each transaction on your checking account – be notified when a purchase over a specified amount is done – or even when an automatic deposit is made to your account!  You can even have your daily or weekly balance sent to you. Try it out and see what is beneficial for you.
  • Contact WyHy immediately if you notice unusual or suspicious activity on your account.
  • Go paperless and give yourself fewer documents to shred.
  • When doing your banking online, be cautious about phishing schemes. Clicking on unusual links, opening suspicious emails, and interacting with unknown parties are all ways to make yourself susceptible to fraud.
  • Only do your banking on secure networks and keep your anti-virus software up to date.

Check out more information regarding Debit Card Alerts here.  For additional information on protecting your money and your identity check out the available material on our website. And remember, We’re with you.