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Authorizing Your Account Just Got Easier

Convenience and security are not mutually exclusive here at WyHy! We believe that it is possible to both protect your identity and making handling your finances a breeze. Through the Digital Identification verification offered on our WyHy Digital: Mobile Banking platform, you can skip the hassle of answering numerous security questions and get right to managing your account.

Rather than remember pieces of personal trivia such as the name of your first pet, or what street you grew up on, Digital ID allows you to bypass this and confirm your identity with our Contact Center. Simply wait for the notification for Digital ID to pop up, and acknowledge to our Contact Center that it is, in fact, you on the phone, receive your confirmation, and you’re all set! You’re then free to ask questions, update any account information as needed, and more!

All of this can be done through the WyHy app, speeding up and streamlining the verification process, and containing the entire process in one place. Like all WyHy’s online and mobile banking options, Digital ID is here to make your life a little easier and to make banking a little more convenient. Protect your identity and manage your finances all at once!

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