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About Us

Read about our roots, our team and where we're headed. See why membership with us truly has meaning and how we're advocates for our members and the communities we serve. Learn how to become a member, or part of our awesome team.

Our History

WyHy Federal Credit Union was chartered in December 1953 for Wyoming Highway Department employees and their families. Seven members each contributed $5 and the credit union was born... with assets totaling $35. Those founding members believed in the Credit Union philosophy of "People Helping People" and to consider each member's situation individually and provide prompt financial advice to help members manage their finances.

WyHy was originally located in a small state office in the Barrett Building in downtown Cheyenne. Today, WyHy has branch locations in Cheyenne, Casper, Green River, Lyman, and our newest addition in Rock Springs; as well as over 5,600 branch locations and nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide with CO-OP Shared Branching. The 14,000 square foot facility in Cheyenne features two drive-up lanes each featuring Live Interactive Teller Machines, and houses the WyHy Contact Center. This building acts as the main office for WyHy. Our 5,000 square foot Casper facility also features drive-up lanes with Live Interactive Teller Machines, and our newest branch in Rock Springs also includes a Live Interactive Telller Machine. 

WyHy has continued to grow by opening our field of membership to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in our great State of Wyoming. Today, WyHy is over $300,000,000 in assets with nearly 20,000 Members.

Our Vision

Building valued relationships by delivering personalized financial options.

Our Promise

  • To simplify your life
  • Work in your best interest
  • Be your lifetime partner to help you achieve financial success

It is from our history, to vision and promise that our overall statement of We're with you was created. In other words, no matter what stage you may be in life, we're here to be you and your family's financial partner, guiding you along the road to a healthy financial wellbeing.

Click here to learn more about our We're with you mission.

The WyHy Difference

Privileges and pride in WyHy membership

WyHy is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Translation — we don't have customers, we have member-owners.

A cooperative by definition exists to serve its members, but what makes co-ops unique is that the members are also the owners. So in addition to getting the products and services you need at WyHy, you also have a say in various aspects of the Credit Union such as electing and voting for the Volunteer Leadership.

Rather than rewarding outside investors with its profits, WyHy returns surplus revenue to our members in the form or lower rates on loans, higher rates on deposits and fewer fees compared to traditional financial institutions. This democratic approach to business results in a powerful economic force that benefits the Credit Union, our members and the wonderful communities and state we serve.

We're also able to offer our members unique products, services and benefits that allow for a more personalized approach to banking such as with our SmartPoints program, CreditBuilder Auto Loan, as well as others!

Lastly, but just as importantly, the WyHy team sponsors, volunteers and donates to a number of local causes year-round, giving back to the communities we serve and enriching the lives of those in need. The list of support is long and includes the likes of Meals on Wheels, Jason's Friends, Cheyenne Animal Shelter, Race for the Cure, and many more.

Click here to learn more about our We're with you mission.

Also visit our We're with you section towards the bottom of the homepage, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn about our current community invovlement.

What's the difference between credit unions and banks?

Credit unions were originated in mid-1800s in Europe. Banks were reluctant to lend money to certain individuals or groups, and these underserved consumers pooled their resources and formed cooperatives. Credit unions exist to serve the needs of their members. Credit unions educate members about sensible money management to help improve their financial condition. This service-oriented philosophy is the most significant benefit of credit union membership. Credit unions are organizations of people, not of money and as part owners, members have the right to vote on decisions affecting the credit union. One member has one vote, no matter if his or her deposit is $25 or $25,000.

Key differences between credit unions and banks

Credit Unions

  • Credit unions are managed by volunteer Boards of Directors who serve only to assist the financial health of the entire membership. Credit union members vote in board elections.
  • Credit unions do not operate for a profit, and therefore do not pay corporate income taxes. Credit unions pay other state and national taxes.
  • Credit unions, by federal law, must retain a high percentage of capital to protect members' savings, weather tough economic times and fund the ability to grow and better serve members
  • Credit unions, as not-for-profit organizations, serve the financial well-being of the member through free consumer education and counseling


  • Banks are managed by boards of shareholders who expect to profit from the customers who use their products and services. Bank customers have no input into the management of their financial institution.
  • Banks operate for a profit, and therefore do pay corporate income taxes and all other state and national taxes
  • Banks can issue stock to raise capital and must retain a low percentage for savings
  • Banks can grow any way they choose and expand into any market they choose
  • Banks can serve any customer in any state, and their growth is not restricted by any government agency

We're With You


Leadership Team

WyHy's Leadership Team consists of those whose primary purpose is to assist the Credit Union and its employees to fulfill its mission and service promises to our members. In addition, these individuals ensure financial stability commensurate with the best interest of the members, the employees and the Credit Union.

  • Bill Willingham, President/CEO
  • Yvonne McGee, Chief Financial Officer
  • Matt Ballou, Chief Retail Officer
  • Eric Valla, Chief Information Officer
  • George Sellitto, Chief Lending Officer
  • Dorothy Moen, Director of Human Resources



Board of Directors

WyHy is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership. As a democratic representative group, this diverse group of individuals, each serving three-year terms, oversees the operations of the Credit Union and ensures the safety and security of members' funds. The Board works in conjunction with Credit Union employees to ensure exceptional service, competitive products and continuing dedication to our members through the promise we make every day: To simplify your life, work in your best interest and be your lifetime partner to help you achieve financial success.

WyHy's Board of Directors:

  • Pam Fredrick - Chair
  • Matt Simpson- 1st Vice Chair
  • Jim Wasson - 2nd Vice Chair
  • Caryn Erickson - Secretary
  • Greg Milburn - Treasurer
  • Michael J. Miller - Director
  • Shelly Erickson - Director

Supervisory Committee

The Board of Directors appoints members to serve on the Supervisory Committee. This committee is established in accordance with federal regulations, and comprised of five member-volunteers. This committee is charged with the oversight of the audit process, researching members' concerns and ensuring the safety and soundness of our assets.

WyHy's Supervisory Committee:

  • Nicole Alonzo - Chair
  • Shannon Ratliff - 1st Vice Chair 
  • Mike Lovelett - Secretary 
  • Linda Johnson - Member
  • Angela Salazar - Member

Asset Management Liability Committee

The Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO) is comprised of volunteers who ensure that WyHy's financial performance is maintained.

Volunteer Opportunities

WyHy is proud to be a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned and operated by its members for over 60 years. Our members create a strong and competitive financial institution and their dedication to the Credit Union is exemplified in their willingness to volunteer.

To find out how you can volunteer for WyHy, please contact us or click below to fill out the volunteer form.

Apply to be a Volunteer

Credit Union bylaws are designed and created to address organization and governance, the relationship a credit union has to its members, and the procedures and rules the credit union follows. We encourage you to review the bylaws for WyHy Federal Credit Union here.